Colin Hodgkinson

The Home of Colin Hodgkinson


At the last count, I’ve played on roughly 150 LP’s, CD’s etc and the list below is a personal choice of the things which I like best or consider my best performances.


  • Backdoor
  • 8th Street Nites
  • Another Fine Mess
  • Askin the way

Alexis Korner

  • Live in Paris (Testament)
  • Alexis Korner
  • Just Easy

Jan Hammer

  • Hammer

Jan Hammer and Neal Schon

  • Untold Passion
  • Here to Stay

Cozy Powell

  • Octopuss

Electric Blues Duo

  • Make Mine A Double
  • HR Big Band
  • Out on the Highway
  • Lucky at Cards
  • Live L’inoui Luxembourg

Colin Hodgkinson Group

  • Backdoor Too
  • The Bottom Line


  • Live in Glasgow